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English Language Course

The students learn to pronounce, read, write and converse in the English language. They are taught the fundamental grammatical structures and functions. They acquire their fundamental vocabulary to fulfil the functions in roles, topics and discussions. We also help them to learn the pronunciation. And to develop the students’ writing skills to enable them to respond to input applying information to a specified task, to elicit, to select, to summarize information in their writings.

Business Writing

Business English course starts during the first intensive course with the introduction of the students into the world of business. The students’ competence in this aspect is measured by their ability to demonstrate their communication skills in the key business areas of meetings, negotiations, telephoning and social English, as well as the ability to write memos, notes.

The modern bio linguists seem to indicate that spoken language is strongly instinctual in nature. A person does not just mimic what has been heard but rather creates and composes a communication.

This course aims to develop the students’ comprehension of business and economic texts along with listening skills in the field of business and economics. And to provide the students with opportunities to express business concepts by reformulating them in their own words while summarizing.