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Kokan Foundation provides a 3 month basic computing course to deserving students so that they can enhance their skills and go out into the job market fully prepared to earn a better job and reach higher ranks . . .

With the knowledge that students acquire in our basic computing courses classroom they will be able to handle tools such as Microsoft Office that enable them to perform all sorts of office tasks and thus earn a respectable place in the office that will allow them to earn enough to not only support their familiar but to also seek out further education that can push them to higher ranks.

Our world today is a rapidly advancing mass of information and technology. Without basic skills such as computing, entering the job market is like walking into a crowd of people who are more prepared than you are an competing for less and less jobs. With the knowhow provided to students by this course they will be able to go out and work in better jobs. They will be able to apply the hands on knowledge that they have learnt in specially crafted course.

This course is not just meant to provide students with information on computing, but to deliver to them industry oriented information that prepares them for the jobs that they will be looking for. It is career oriented and ensures that the students are getting only important information that they can actually putt o use as opposed to theoretical knowledge that will be of no further assistance than to pass a test.

Once students have completed this three month long basic computing course they may enroll into advance computing courses fully prepared to take on the arena of information and technology head on. With our esteemed teaching staff there to help them every step of the way, all students enrolled in our course are given special attention that will help them learn and gather the knowledge that will allow them to succeed in the future. These courses are there to give help students earn a better place in society and to not just improve their lives, but to also improve the lives of their families. We don’t aim to bring change to one life, we aim to help families and the youth reach for more.

In this day and age of rapidly advancing technology having the basic computing skills is an essential that can mean the difference between a low paying job and one with more prospects . . .

A basic computing is something that covers essential information allows students to engage with new forms of technology and learn how to operate the basics so that they can deal with day to day office tasks amongst other things. These courses are not just meant to give them an introduction on how to operate a basic computer, but also to show them the necessary tools that will give them the skills that they require to earn a decent job in the industry today.