Funding the under privileged student to achieve career oriented modern education.

The Objective

According to the recent situation in Pakistan, there are millions of jobless people, who after getting an academic education are seeking a job to earn the bread and butter for their families. But due to lack of opportunities and low job market, these talented youth are compelled to do menial jobs or opt for lowly occupations.

Kokan Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides underprivileged youth specifically women in Pakistan with modern career-oriented Computer Education and Business English courses. Our organisation is working to provide Computer and English Language courses to students of High School to Graduation. Computer courses include Graphics Designing, MS Office, Web Designing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). The aim is to make them capable of earning for themselves and for their families. These skills help them successfully, to earn money for their further education as well.


Currently, two Montessori schools are working in the morning under the shelter of the Kokan Foundation. In the afternoon these two buildings of the school are vacant; if we could get 25 laptops in each building along with hiring professional teachers, in order to teach market demanded above-mentioned computer courses to underprivileged students of intermediate and graduation level. After learning these markets demanded Computer courses and English Grammar course, they could easily get a job in any industry in future, whereas, they could also support their families.

We need a total of 50 Laptops for 25 each campus; if we get the used one then they cost £150 which makes £150x50=£7500. Therefore, the organization needs £7500 for laptops, which is a one-time investment. After establishing the Computer Lab, we can easily arrange and hire English teachers on £200 salary per month for 6 hours each day and Computer teachers on £300 salary per month. This could help poverty ridden students to get computer literate so that they could start their career.


This virtuous deed will help the students and their families to live an improved life with a better income. And the reward of this will be given to all the donors and contributors who helped and supported us to make a path for these youngsters. We have successfully completed Phase-1 of this charity ride and have produced outstanding students, who are either working from their homes or have started working with good organisations.

Our Work

Kokan Foundation’s head office physically exists in London and institutions in Karachi and Peshawar. We are well aware that people in today’s world fake things and collect funds or their personal benefits. Therefore, our two running schools and website contains the details, photos and videos that are self-explanatory and are evident of the philanthropic work our foundation is doing. Mr Adnan Ahmed (MBA, 0092 335 3078007) is working as a Regional Manager for the last 10 years in Karachi (Sindh), and Miss Anmol Sheraz (MPhil, 0092 334 9533703) is working as a Regional Manager in Peshawar (KP). We aim to provide students with modern education so that they can head out into the world fully prepared to take on well-paying jobs.