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The Objective

Our aim is not just to help students get an education but to enable them to support their families and learn enough to be able to get jobs that will enable them to pursue further education in fields that are of interest to them. This way the youth will be educated and the future of our entire country will be brighter. We are working to give the youth of our country a chance to do more for their homes and their homeland.

Students at Kokan Foundation are given the chance to achieve more and reach for goals that were out of reach without the proper education that they needed . Earning good jobs means earning a better salary. This salary in turn will help them provide better for their household which will improve their standard of living and with enough underprivileged youth taught better and given better opportunities we can create a domino effect that will change the face of our entire country. We believe in helping the youth because they are the future of the country. Without a well educated youth standing to take over our world and steer it in the right direction we are leaving nothing behind that matters.

Kokan Foundation provides courses that will educate and enlighten, giving them better and brighter futures. Students can enroll in a one year "Basic English Grammar" and "Business English" course which is also free of cost to give them strong skills to enter the joy market. These courses will help improve their communication skills which in turn will allow them to express their technical skills in a better way. With strong technical and communication skills backing them they will be able to target and get the jobs that they want. All of this is only made possible with the backing and generous help of benefactors without whom we would not be able to provide this kind of helping to deserving students. We take the kind donations made by our benefactors and enure that they go into helping out students who deserve the spot and will work hard to make our investment in thwork education and their future worth it. Kokan Foundation is also working to build an institution where it will provide these educational facilities to students and give them a space to come learn and work on their studies.

Kokan Foundation is a non-profit organization that works towards enriching the lives of underprivileged youth with the power of education . . .

We aim to provide students with modern computer and English language education so that they can head out into the world fully prepared to take on well paying jobs. With the education that Kokan Foundation provides, the youth that would otherwise not have a shot at earning good jobs will be able to enter the job market equipped with modern career-oriented computer education and business English training. We offer deserving students with a job-oriented IT Certification Course with which they can acquire a job that pays them a reasonable salary.