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Brightening futures with the power of education . . .

Kokan Foundation is a UK and Pakistan based non-profit and non-government education welfare trust that gives underprivileged and ambitious young people the opportunity to learn by providing them with the necessary funding. Our aim is to help the youth gain the skills to carve out a fruitful career path and seek higher education while providing for their families.

How it Works - When any needy person approaches us for financial support for their education we first ask them to fill out a Kokan Foundation registration form. We then conduct a thorough investigation of their current financial situation by visiting the provided address on their registration form. Once a satisfactory investigation is completed we enroll them in a free of cost 1 year Business English Course with complete Grammar as well as IT courses such as Office Automation (6 months) and Graphic Designing (6 months) via associated institutes.

Associated Institutions - Kokan provides the associated institutions with a comprehensive course outline that covers all the necessary skills for a job oriented and up to date course. The institutes provide us with a weekly progress report on the students. Further decisions on their financial aid are made based on their interest in learning and their punctuality which is derived from the progress reports. Upon completion of the course they have a greater chance at gaining employment in any sector.

Business English Course (12 months) - Kokan Foundation provides a one year English Grammar and Business English course that can help improve their English communication skills and earn them a place in the marketing and education sector at esteemed organisations.

Basic and Advanced Computer Courses - Kokan Foundation also provides underprivileged youth with education on the current essential IT skills so that they can find a career in any of the following fields:

  • Basic Computing (6 months)
  • Graphic Designing (6 months)
  • Website Development (6 months)
  • Search Engine Optimization (3 moths)
  • Social Media Optimization (1 month)
  • Php Programming with MySql (3 months)

Transparency - When a donor gives us a donation via any method; cash, cheque, account deposit or online transfer the amount is first transferred into the Kokan Foundation bank account so that it can be utilised in the appropriate area with complete transparency. The account of donations received is presented to the trustee board on a monthly basis via email. A file is maintained on every registered student where slips for their course fee are filed regularly. Upon the completion of their course they are made to sign an affidavit to attest to the fact that Kokan Foundation has covered their educational fee. This procedure makes the transfer and use of these funds a transparent process.

Kokan Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides underprivileged youth with modern career-oriented computer education and business English training.

We offer deserving students with a job-oriented IT Certification Course after which they can acquire a job that pays them a reasonable salary. With this salary, they may continue their education as well as provide for their families. This is only made possible through the generous funding we have received from our benefactors and the respected citizens. In order to keep this charitable project ongoing Kokan Foundation requires donors and other generous persons that can aid our mission financially. These persons can help further the education and thus lives of many of our youth through their generosity. Interested donors can transfer the amount into the Kokan Foundation Ltd bank account via an online transfer, cheque deposit, cash deposit or contact the concerned persons to hand them the funds directly. More details regarding the donations can be found on our website on the “Donation” page or via email at

We believe that your financial support and our dedicated effort can help improve the lives of many people. May God give us the strength and ability to keep up these efforts.