Funding the under privileged student to achieve career oriented modern education.


Who We Are?

Kokan Foundation is a UK and Pakistan based non-profit and non-government education welfare trust that gives underprivileged and ambitious young people the opportunity to learn by providing them with the necessary funding. Our aim is to help the youth gain the skills to carve out a fruitful career path and seek higher education while providing for their families.

We offer deserving students and women with a job-oriented course after which they can acquire a job that pays them a reasonable income to support their families. This is only possible through the generous funding.

To keep this virtue ongoing, Kokan Foundation needs generous donations that act as financial aid to our mission. This will help the deserving persons to establish their career or continue their education.


We conduct a thorough investigation of the current financial condition of the person who approaches us for financial support. Once the investigation is done; we enrol them into any of our provided courses according to their preferences and skills.

Kokan Foundation assists the associated institution with a comprehensive course outline that covers all the necessary skills for a job oriented and up to date course. The student’s further financial aid depends on the progress report that we obtain from the institution.


To become a part of this virtuous act you can transfer the amount into the Kokan Foundation Ltd bank account via an online transfer, cheque deposit, cash deposit or contact the concerned persons to hand them the funds directly. More details regarding the donations can be found on the “Donation” page or via email at