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Free Academic Education

Education is the right of every child. Here at Kokan Foundation we provide free of charge education to underprivileged youth so that they can build their future and move further in life. We believe that every child should have equal access to an education which is why we provide primary schooling, secondary schooling, intermediate education and degree coaching. With the proper academic resources provided to the youth we can show them a brighter future and open up doors to them that were previously close. Our teachers are brilliant educators prepared to go all in and ensure that each child leaves the school having learnt enough to give them a better chance at acquiring jobs in the industry or pursing further education. With our top notch facilities and dedicated staff, we work to give children an education that will change their entire life and therefore by extension, the lives of their families. Students in our school can start out at the bases level of primary school and then join secondary school which leads up to intermediate education and finally a degree coaching. We are here to make sure that children have the option to reach for more through the power of a good education.

Free Computer Courses

Computer education is one of the most important aspects of academia for anyone in this world of rapidly advancing technology. Having even the most basic computer skills is an essential to survive in the job market. Most jobs today require familiarity with a computer system which tends to include a command of basic software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. At Kokan Foundation we provide underprivileged youth with the opportunity to learn for free because we want to help them take on the job market and be successful members of society. This means we are dedicated to giving them a career oriented education that includes a thorough computer course that will prepare them for a job. The computer course includes basic computing, graphic designing, website development and search engine optimization. With these skills they will be equipped to not only go out and get a decent job, but also get something well paid that interests them. The courses will include a vast array of topics that they may find subjects that they enjoy from. It teaches everything from Microsoft Office to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw to Web Development such as HTML, CSS and WordPress to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. With the knowledge gained in these course students will be ready to take on good jobs head-on.

Free Business English Course

In today’s world English is a global language. It is the often the only barrier standing in the way of a person’s success. By providing underprivileged youth with the opportunity to learn English free of charge we hope to provide them with the tools to acquire better jobs and be respected for their talents. Knowing English is no more a luxury, it is a necessity if we hope to attained better positions that pay more and come with a better title. With a Business English course students can learn the nuances of this language and learn to speak, read and write it well enough to survive and thrive on the job market. This one year long course covers an intensive Basic English Grammar course that will introduce students to the dos and the don’ts. The program also covers an Advance Writing Course that will go over everything that they need to know from grammar and punctuation to tenses and different writing styles. Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that each student that leaves our classroom has learnt to write well. With these tools provided to them we hope that our students will go on to earn good jobs and support their families and purse higher education carving out a pathway to success.

Kokan Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides underprivileged youth with modern career-oriented computer education and business English training.

We offer deserving students with a job-oriented IT Certification Course after which they can acquire a job that pays them a reasonable salary. With this salary, they may continue their education as well as provide for their families. This is only made possible through the generous funding we have received from our benefactors and the respected citizens. In order to keep this charitable project ongoing Kokan Foundation requires donors and other generous persons that can aid our mission financially. These persons can help further the education and thus lives of many of our youth through their generosity. Interested donors can transfer the amount into the Kokan Foundation Ltd bank account via an online transfer, cheque deposit, cash deposit or contact the concerned persons to hand them the funds directly. More details regarding the donations can be found on our website on the “Donation” page or via email at

We believe that your financial support and our dedicated effort can help improve the lives of many people. May God give us the strength and ability to keep up these efforts.